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Podcasts are it. Remote edit/mix/organise hosting or we can come to you and record. Get in touch for more details.


Save yourself time by uploading your audio files or edit suite exports direct to the studio.


We can supply you with a professionally recorded guide voice track, with suggested variations if there are duration constraints.


We offer a script proofing service that will sort out those little things that sometimes get overlooked.

Our Services




Studio time is expensive and time consuming, and is often seen as a luxury. A10 can cut down your costs by giving you the opportunity to upload your unmixed audio files and edit suite exports (AAF/OMF) and digitally send to us to mix. Upload your files with whatever directorial notes there are or schedule a Zoom call, and we will mix your production for you, enabling your producers to spend more time producing and less time sitting around drinking coffee in the studio. Terms & Conditions apply 

$75 / €64 / £55 / R1100/HOUR


Podcasting is growing day by day and more and more people are ready to embrace this unique style of audio communication. Whether you are an individual who wants to have your say or a company that understands the value of the spoken word over plain emails, we can bring your idea to life. We can remotly accept your audio files, edit them and mix them to broadcast standards, or we can advise on packaging your podcast with intro music and other elements. We can also come to you and record on your premises, followed by an edit and mix. We are also happy to advise on hosting or we can do that for you, ensuring your podcast is available on all the leading platforms, like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music and TuneIn + Alexa to name a few. The choice is yours.

variable prices depending on requirements

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guide voice track


A10 can supply you with a professionally recorded guide voice track that will help your edit. So often a guide track is done in a hurry, and is invariably read too fast, making the actual voice recording session somewhat difficult. Given a script and directorial notes, we can supply you with a guide read that takes into account  the delivery style required. We will also give you options, if necessary, to accommodate time/duration restraints. Guide reads only available in English at the moment. Terms & Conditions apply

Starting From

$21 / €18 / £15 / R300/30 seconds

script proofing


At A10 we understand the hard work that has gone into conceptualising and fine-tuning your script. to deliver that perfect message. We will proof-read your copy and pick up those little niggles, such as grammatical errors or nonsensical sentences, that sometimes slip through.  We will send you the revised version, with alternative options if necessary. This service is only available in English at the moment. Terms & Conditions apply.

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$14 / €12 / £10 / R200/PAGE

It is the intention of A10 to give you that complete audio solution that your production requires.